Module VI: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the context of Sustainable Cities


  • Ms. Tara Hendrickson – Hotel and Tourism Association
  • Mrs Anelda Maynard Date - CFBC/Electrical Engineer
  • Mr Fritzroy Wilkin – CFBC TVET; Mrs Gaile Gray Phillip – CFBC Science, Technology & Mathematics; Mrs Joycelyn Archibald Pennyfeather – CFBC Teacher Training
  • Mr Olston Strawn – Curriculum Unit/Information Technology
  • Mrs. Carlene Henry-Morton – PS, Ministry of Tourism
  • Dr Leighton Naraine – CFBC/Agricultural Policy
  • Mr. Richard Huber, Chief, Sustainable Communities, Hazard Risk, and Climate Change Section Department of Sustainable Development, OAS



  • Creating Vibrant Local Economic Development from Sustainable Initiatives

  • Identifying Major Growth Sectors Early to Increase Competitiveness

  • Courses that Matter: The Role of Educational Institutions and Policy on Creating Employable Graduates

  • Retooling Education: Augmenting Passes and Academic Qualifications for a Technically Oriented Future.


Anelda Maynard
Developing Renewable Technologies

Fritzory Wilkin
Clarence Fritzory Bryant College
Sustainable Cities

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