Breack out groups


  • Marilyn Burrowes, Association of Jamaica Attractions Limited (AJAL)
  • Courtney Taylor, Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA)
  • Osbourn Chin, Ministry of Tourism
  • Trina Delisser, Georgian Society of Jamaica



  • Improving the Tourism Product Through Sustainable Attractions and Tourism Initiatives

  • From Farm to Table: Enriching the Cooperation between Farmers and Hospitality

  • Diversification of Destination Jamaica: Opportunities to Attract New Visitors

  • Lessons Learned from the Falmouth Revitalization Project for Tourism and Heritage Coexistence


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Alexandra Velasco, Luis Aldrete, Roberto Uebel, Leasa Daniel, Ruthlyn Phipps, Xia-Xiang Claxton
Sustainable Land Use; Zoning; Transport And Mobile

Renewable energy and energy efficiency in the context of sustainable cities.  

Dianille Taylor-Williams, Florencia Charles, Bishen Daniel, Deitra Wharton, Charles Parris, Cametha Jhon, Julian FRancias (Monica)
Waste Management, Recycling and Water Resource Management

Sandy Wilkin-Francis, Shane Pinder, Rhon Boddie, Aiexa Douglas, Ayesha Constable
Resilience to Natural Hazards