Sustainable Communities in Central America and the Caribbean

Sustainable Cities Implementers Workshop and Midterm Review

On Sunday, June 2, 2013, the Department of Sustainable Development of the Executive Secretariat for Integral Development of the Organization of American States held a one day workshop under the OAS “Sustainable Communities in Central American and the Caribbean” initiative. During the event, hosted by the Spanish Cooperation Training Center in Antigua, the 14 implementers under the project presented the objectives, accomplishments and challenges encountered in the first implementation phase in each of their projects. Technical experts were invited to provide feedback and exchange ideas regarding opportunities for replicating or moving project to scale.

The event forms part of the “Sustainable Communities in Central America and the Caribbean" initiative, which was launched in 2012 under the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas in 2012 with support from the Permanent Mission of the U.S. to the OAS. The objective of the initiative is to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and community associations to contribute to sustainable community development in four priority areas: 1) Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency; 2) Sustainable Waste Management; 3) Resilience to Natural Disasters; and 4) Sustainable Transport Solutions. In this context, the DSD selected fourteen non-governmental organizations from ten countries to receive $50,000 to execute innovative demonstration projects at the community level.

Pillar I: Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency

Fundación Solar Presentation
Marlon Toruño
Coordinador del Proyecto
Universidad Tecnológica La Salle (ULSA) Presentation
Yader Barrera
Coordinador del Proyecto
Universidad Nacional Agraria (UNA-Managua) Presentation

Pillar II: Resilience to Natural Hazards

Oscar René Obando
Coordinador del Proyecto
Fundación ProPetén Presentation
Adda Amarilis Gómez
Asesora Técnica
Centro Para la Investigación y Planificación del Desarrollo Maya Sotzíl Presentation
Vincia Leanda Herbert
HOPE Nevis Incorporated Presentation

Pillar III: Sustainable Transport Solutions

Huberth Mendez
Coordinador de Proyecto
Centro de Derecho Ambiental y de los Recursos Naturales (CEDARENA)-Fundación para el Desarrollo Urbano(FUDEU) Presentation
Asad Mohammed
Director, Caribbean Network for Urban and Land Management
University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus-Caribbean Network for Urban Land Management (CNULM) Presentation
Leighton Naraine
Director, Employee & Program Development
Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College Presentation

Pillar IV: Waste management, Recycling (including electronic waste)

Regina Foster
Plenty International Belize Ltd Presentation
Miguel Araujo
Centro Regional del Convenio de Basilea para Centroamérica y México (CRCB-CAM) Presentation
  Manuel Mejia
Project Coordinator
Hermandad de Honduras OPD Presentation
Jim Aronson
The Grenada Project Presentation

Invited Technical Experts

Yuri Giustina
Director Accessibility and Urban Planning Policies
Ministry of Cities, Brazil Presentation
José I. Larios
Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative
Inter-American Development Bank Presentation
  Dr. Kirstin Miller
Executive Director
EcoCity Builders Presentation
Dr. Fernando Echavarria
US Department of State Presentation
Luis Fernandez
Geosistec – Local Partner of Esri Presentation
Maria-Paz Gutierrez
Senior ECPA Fellow
University of California Berkeley Presentation
Emma Zinsmeister
State & Local Climate & Energy Program
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Presentation
Dr. Ricardo José Arango
Representative of the Municipal Government of Medellin and Manager, Local Organizing Committee
World Urban Forum Medellin 2014 Presentation

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