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Workshop on "Innovation and Decent Work" for COSATE and CEATAL

March 7 and 8,  2005
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Salón Rialto - Hotel Pestana, Carlos Pellegrini 877

The main labor confederations and employer organizations of the hemisphere, gathered under the  Trade Union Technical Advisory Council (COSATE) and the Business Technical Advisory Committee on Labour Matters (CEATAL), participated in this Workshop with the following objective:

To elaborate a document with the recommendations and reflections of COSATE and CEATAL that will contribute to the discussions taking place towards the IV Summit of the Americas, the theme of which is: "Creating employment to confront poverty and strengthen democratic governance."

The document was presented before the Summit Implementation Review Group (SIRG) on March 10 th , 2005. Therefore, this Workshop was a unique opportunity for unions and employers to submit their recommendations to the Summit of the Americas process.

Speeches and Presentations during the Workshop: