Andean Community and the United States:
Trade and Investment Relations in the 1990s

 Title Page, Table of Contents

 Preface, Introduction and Overview

 Part I: The Andean Community and its Integration Efforts

  • Chapter  1: Trade and Economic Integration in the Andean Region

  • Chapter  2: Andean Community Reforms: How Much Progress? How Far to Go?

  • Chapter  3: Private Capital Flows to the Andean Region
 Part II: The Perspective from the United States
  • Chapter  4: The United States and the Andean Community: Prospects and Problems at the end of the Twentieth Century   Table 4.13

  • Chapter  5: The Salience of the Various External Markets for The Andean Countries

 Part III: Perspectives from the Andean Countries
  • Chapter  6: U.S. - Bolivia Trade and Investment Relations

  • Chapter  7: U.S. - Colombia Trade and Investment Relations

  • Chapter  8: Determinants of U.S. Trade and Investment in Ecuador

  • Chapter  9: Trade and Investment Between Peru and the United States

  • Chapter 10: Venezuela and the United States: The Evolving Bilateral Relationship

 Part IV: Sectoral Issues
  • Chapter 11: The Telecommunications Sector in the Andean Countries

  • Chapter 12: Competition Policy in the Andean Countries: A Policy in Search of its Place

  • Chapter 13: Andean and U.S. Antidumping Law and Practice

  • Chapter 14: The Andean Community's Intellectual Property Regime

  • Chapter 15: Dispute Settlement Procedures in U.S. - Andean Trade

 Part V: Summary
  • Chapter 16: A Conference on U.S. - Andean Trade and Investment Relations: Policy Issues and Choices