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SBDC Program

About the Program

The Caribbean Small Business Development Centers Program is designed to strengthen the institutional frameworks of national MSME support programs through the adaptation of the United States Small Business Development Centers (US SBDC) Model. Launched in January 2012 with the financial support of the Permanent Mission of the United States to the OAS, the program has assisted five countries- Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Jamaica and Saint Lucia- to establish SBDCs.  


  1. SBDCs are responsive to real needs. Small Business Development Centers offer a myriad of technical tools and expertise to provide quality one-one-one support services to MSMEs.
  2. SBDCs utilize a partnership model. The small business development center model leverages the technical, human and financial resources of the public and private sectors and academia to develop an “ecosystem” of sorts to nurture the growth of small business enterprises. The tripartite partnership guarantees the sustainability of the program and eliminates inefficiencies and duplication of efforts among agencies.
  3. The SBDC model is adaptable. Part of the success of this program is its adaptability so that the unique needs and circumstances of the particular country or region are taken into account.
  4. SBDCs focus on getting results. Business development centers and their service professionals are continuously evaluated on the basis of the economic impact generated through their client work so that there is quantitative data to track progress and impact.



Permanent Mission of the United States to the OAS
The United States through the Permanent Mission to the Organization of American States has been the principal donor in the first phase of the Caribbean SBDC project.



University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA)
Since the inception of the Caribbean SDBC project in 2012, the UTSA has provided critical support and training to countries in the elaboration of their own SBDC programs.



ExportCaribbean Export Development Agency
Caribbean Export is the only regional trade and investment promotion agency in the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group. Established in 1996 by an inter-governmental agreement as the trade promotion agency of the 15 Member States of CARIFORUM, Caribbean Export was a critical strategic partner in the early development and implementation of the Caribbean SBDC Project.