Host Country: El Salvador

General Information

El Salvador's population numbers about 7.2 million and almost 90% is of mixed Indian and Spanish extraction. About 1% is indigenous and very few Indians have retained their customs and traditions. The country's people are largely Roman Catholic and Protestant while Spanish is the language spoken by virtually all inhabitants.

The capital city of San Salvador has about 1.6 million people and an estimated 37.3% of El Salvador's population lives in rural areas. Mountains separate country into three distinct regions: southern coastal belt, central valleys and plateaus, and northern mountains. El Salvador has a tropical climate that is characterized by warm temperatures during the day and cool nights, except for the coastal plain. There are two distinct seasons, a dry season from November to April with light rainfall and a wet season from May to November when heavy rainfall occurs.


El Salvador offers visitors, over 186.41 miles (300 km) of beautiful tropical beaches. Among them, two of the best surf beaches in the world: "El Sunzal" and "La Paz" beaches. From west to east, across the country there are over 45 beaches, with colorful landscapes, where you can enjoy warm waters, the hot sun and impressive waves that attract surfers worldwide. Read more...

In the coastline of El Salvador you will find a beautiful Gulf located at the east border in la Unión department, which shares waters with Honduras and Nicaragua. There you will find Meanguera Island, where you can arrive in motor boats from La Unión, Three Mangrones zones located at Barra de Santiago, Jaltepeque estuary and Jiquilisco bay, where you can practice water ski, swimming, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, fishing and other aquatic activities and also go deep sea.

All the beaches of El Salvador have excellent access through paved roads; to be able to go to few of them, you will have to cross short distances of soil roads. The coastal road connects with all the beaches. In this road you will find fresh sea food like oysters, lobsters, shrimps, fish squids, octopuses, snail shells or either exotic sea food. All of these you can enjoy with coconut water, orange juice or your preferred beverage all served with the gentleness of the friendly Salvadoran people. Read more...