Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDI)

Department of Economic Development 

CSR Implementation in SMEs

From Awareness to Action: CSR Implementation in SMEs  

Following a decade of raising awareness on CSR among SMEs in Latin America and the Caribbean, the OAS CSR Program developed a methodology aimed to provide SMEs with tools to implement responsible practices, become more competitive and access new markets. Through hands-on interactive workshops, the Program offers theory and tools for businesses to develop innovative CSR solutions and strategies; and provides SMEs with the knowledge to develop and implement a custom CSR action plan. The current SME project is a pilot to test and improve the methodology for CSR implementation in SMEs for the future train-the-trainer program that will strengthen SME support institutions and local CSR organizations.

CAAJ Cobros (Costa Rica) – "The workshop and 6 month follow-up allowed us to implement a robust CSR program in our enterprise and planted the seeds for implementing CSR in our subsidiary companies. - CAAJ Collections, Costa Rica."