Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDI)

Department of Economic Development


RIACThe Inter-American Competitiveness Network (RIAC) brings together Ministers, High-Level Authorities, Competitiveness Councils, and partner multilateral/academic institutions such as the IDB, CAF, ECLAC, CABEI, among others. RIAC supports the yearly preparation of the Americas Competitiveness Forum (ACF) and the public policy dialogue and cooperation initiatives among Ministers, High-Level Authorities and Competitiveness Councils of the Americas. RIAC also organizes knowledge sharing seminars, conferences and workshops to present and replicate more than 100 successful experiences published in the Signs of Competitiveness Report. RIAC also promotes collaboration through the Working Group of Experts on Subnational Competitiveness (GTECS). » Read more

ProspectaThe Objective of Prospecta Americas is to share good practices and experiences from regional experts on technology foresight, support capacity building, lead joint collaborative projects, and ultimately improve the social appropriation of knowledge of 10 major transformative technologies identified as promising for the region, namely Big Data; the Internet of things (5G); virtual reality; artificial intelligence; quantum computing; robotics; gene editing; biomedical engineering; 3D and 4D additive manufacturing and new nanostructured materials. In 2019, Prospecta Americas launched the First International Seminar on Technology Foresight for the Americas, during which 30+ high-level researchers, experts and leaders from the public and private sectors presented and analyzed the opportunities and challenges of the 10 aforementioned technologies for the social, economic and sustainable development of the Americas. The event, held in Lima, Peru, was attended by over 1,200 participants in person and more than 25,000 connected via webcast. In the long-term, it is expected that the Seminar will evolve into an annual event, and will rotate every year in a different host country within the Americas, in order for experts, academics, government leaders and private sector institutions interested in collaborating in this field to continue sharing knowledge, experiences and opportunities as well as to emit recommendations to strengthen institutional capacities in the area of Technology Foresight in the region. » Read more

The HUB on Technology Transfer and Commercialization for the Americas® program seeks to expand networks and regional collaboration among strategic partners in R&D, management, technology transfer and commercialization, and at the same time diversify the economies of the region based on the incorporation of technologies in value chains. Each year, the program brings together more than 40 professionals, selected through a competitive process, who receive an accelerated training of one to two weeks, with the support of mentors, experts and leaders from different regional Centers of Excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship. Some of the topics for discussion and exchange of experiences include: intellectual property management; technology valuation; target market identification; tips for streamlining the business start-up process; building vibrant innovation ecosystems; raising and managing seed capital, as well as strategies to establish fruitful connections with universities, research centers and other stakeholders from the private and public sectors. The knowledge, examples and practical exercises shared throughout the HUB® are based on real technologies that seek to solve already existing problems in the communities of the Americas. » Read more