Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDI)

Department of Economic Development


RIACThe Inter-American Competitiveness Network (RIAC) brings together Ministers, High-Level Authorities, Competitiveness Councils, and partner multilateral/academic institutions such as the IDB, CAF, ECLAC, CABEI, among others. RIAC supports the yearly preparation of the Americas Competitiveness Forum (ACF) and the public policy dialogue and cooperation initiatives among Ministers, High-Level Authorities and Competitiveness Councils of the Americas. RIAC also organizes knowledge sharing seminars, conferences and workshops to present and replicate more than 100 successful experiences published in the Signs of Competitiveness Report. RIAC also promotes collaboration through the Working Group of Experts on Subnational Competitiveness (GTECS). » Read more

ARTCAThe Advanced Research and Technology Collaboratory for the Americas (OAS- ARTCA) is an international network of leaders in science, technology and innovation created in 2010 from a strategic alliance between the OAS; the Institute for Computing in Humanities, Arts and Social Science (I-CHASS) of the University of Illinois; the National Center for High Technology of Costa Rica (CeNAT) and the Costa Rica-United States of America Foundation for Cooperation (CRUSA). OAS-ARTCA aims to provide experts and resources in advanced technologies to help countries work together on projects that can improve the quality of life for citizens of the Western Hemisphere. OAS-ARTCA activities include, among others: the Executive Immersion Program; the Radical Innovation Summit; the Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute (PASI); the One Million Supercomputing Hours Challenge and the annual Conference of the Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC). » Read more

InnovaNet is a community of practice of public and private universities, research and development centers, and other stakeholders in OAS Member States to facilitate the exchange of experiences and practices on issues such as technology transfer and commercialization, licensing, incubation, and specialized services to support high-impact innovative SMEs, promote cooperation initiatives and capacity building. » Read more