Persons with Disabilities

Regional Workshop of Stakeholders for the Promotion of Labour Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Central America (June 2011)



Final Report (only available in Spanish)

The Regional Workshop of Stakeholders for the Promotion of Labour Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Central America was held on June 3, 2011, in San Salvador, El Salvador, during the forty-first regular session of the OAS General Assembly.

The workshop was the result of the cooperation between the Department of Social Development and Employment, the Ministry of Social Inclusion of the Government of El Salvador (SIS) and the Trust for the Americas. The event was created to disseminate and systematize, in a regional perspective, the results of four national workshops conducted by the Trust for the Americas in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama and Guatemala, about the employment rights of persons with disabilities in Central America. These results emphasized the need to strengthen efforts to raise community awareness on equal employment opportunities for persons with disabilities in Central America by eliminating stereotypes and discriminatory behaviors. It also highlighted the importance of providing accessible and inclusive work environments.

This was a pioneering event, since it was the first of its kind in Central America that brought together the private sector and public sector authorities on disability who also serve as employers, as well as key representatives of civil society organizations of persons with disabilities.

The main objective of this workshop was to promote labor rights of persons with disabilities through the following actions: 

  • Training of participants on the International (UN Convention) and Inter-American (CIADDIS – PAD) regulatory framework;

  • Systematization of the mapped needs based on results of surveys carried out in 4 countries of Central America;

  • Presentation of national assessments on the situation of persons with disabilities in the region;

  • Presentation of the various tools available to achieve accessible and inclusive working environments;

  • Design of a Central American Regional Network aimed at promoting employment rights;

  • Consolidation of a document containing the conclusions of the workshop, to be submitted to the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States, as well as to other regional authorities and agencies for International Cooperation and Human Rights.

The workshop has also received support from the IDB-MIF (International Development Bank), Microsoft and the Inter-American Institute on Disability and Inclusive Development (IIDI).

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