Persons with Disabilities

Second International Meeting for Successful Inclusive Projects (December 2010) return

Final Report (only available in Spanish)

This conference renowned the best projects implemented in OAS member countries which contributed significantly to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities in the areas of education, health, social development and employment.

The importance of a formal recognition of these successful projects worldwide is justified on the following factors:

First, to attract the attention of international organizations, government agencies, humanitarian organizations, NGOs, and others, to the amazing examples of creativity and innovation of the perpetrators of the projects presented, who have successfully developed the potential of persons with disabilities through sports, sense stimulation, family businesses, technological devices, among other interesting initiatives, to allow them to make significant contributions to society.

On the other hand, to give more publicity to these projects and therefore facilitate a first contact between the executors and persons with disabilities that are not yet part of the projects. Also, to establish ties of mutual cooperation between related inclusive projects in different countries, so that they could share experiences, difficulties and strategies for sustainability.

For this event, there were a total of 10 projects received, from 8 Member States of the OAS, of which 4 winners were chosen.

Winning Projects:


"Technical and Social Productive Program: construction of devices in technical schools around the country and persons with disabilities"

National Institute for Industrial Technology (INTI)


*document only available in Spanish



"Breathing Centers"

CARARE Foundation


*document only available in Spanish


Social Development:

"Facilitators for Inclusion"

National Secretariat for the Promotion of Rights of Persons with Disabilities


*document only available in Portuguese



"Capacity building for employment according to you specific disability"

Ecuadorian Service for Professional Training - SECAP


*document only available in Spanish