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Drawings Exhibition: "Young Haitians and Disability"


The Secretariat for Integration of Persons with Disabilities in Haiti (SEIPH) held in September 2010, with support from the USAID Program for the Protection of Vulnerable Groups, currently administered by the Department of Social Development and Employment of the OAS, a drawing contest for young Haitians about the importance of having inclusive societies and the concept of universal accessibility that should prevail in the process of rebuilding the country after the earthquake.

The 12 best drawings submitted to the contest will be collected in a calendar for 2012.

Furthermore, in keeping with the celebratory year for "Social Awareness, Respect for Human Rights and Disability", the Department of Social Development and Employment, with the support of the Museum of the Americas, is organizing the drawing exhibition: "Young Haitians and Disability", which will showcase the art presented in the contest in the halls of the OAS in Washington D.C.

The 12 winners of the contest:












                    Junior Racine Joseph                                                    Stanley Pierre











                            Dhiny Joseph                                                       Méhu Rosny Exumé











                    Max Kendlay Toussaint                                        Stevenson Barthelemy












                      Roosevelt Camille                        


                                                     Wid Marc Révélus   












               Galysse Métélus                                                                  Pierry Joseph 












                          Jonel Doresca


                                                                                                                       Wendy Petit-Homme