Persons with Disabilities

First Meeting of Head of Institutions and Policy-Makers for Persons with Disabilities return

Final Report

The First Meeting of Heads of Institutions and Policy-Makers for Persons with Disabilities was held in Panama City, from January 21st to 23rd, 2009, with the participation of 16 countries of the Americas.

The purpose of this meeting was to analyze the level of progress that participating States had reached in six out of the nine strategic lines of work of the Program of Action for the Decade: health, education, employment, partnership, accessibility and political participation. As a result, there were issued recommendations for the Technical Secretariat of the PAD (SEDISCAP) establishing the priorities in the design of its work plan.

Furthermore, sub-working groups were organized to examine each of the six strategies according to their national realities. As a result, the groups issued a series of conclusions, recommendations and priorities regarding potentially replicable lessons.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the following OAS Member States: Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, United States, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Trinidad and Tobago .