Sustainable Communities in Central America and the Caribbean

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Sustainable Communities in Central America and the Caribbean

Waste Management, Recycling (including electronic waste) and Improved Water Resource Management

Improving waste management is a critical component of sustainable community development. The goal of improved waste management can be achieved through a range of projects that promote landfill gas to energy conversion, waste to energy, reduce-reuse-recycle techniques, beneficial land reuse of landfills, and cradle to cradle concepts. The following examples of existing or previously implemented projects that would fall under this pillar are provided for reference:

  • E-Waste Collection and Disposal/Recycling: The project would seek to promote awareness regarding the environmental and public health impacts of current e-waste disposal techniques. Residents would be surveyed regarding their willingness to pay a fee for collection of end-of-life electronics and household appliances. The project would also explore the feasibility of acquiring e-waste recycling technologies in order to set up an e-waste recycling center for the community.
  • Landfills and Sustainable Communities: The project would demonstrate how businesses can tap into landfills as a source of clean, renewable energy or recyclable materials. Likewise, projects may present a strategy on how landfill properties can provide protected green space for wildlife.
  • Alternative Waste Management System: The project would create an alternative system to waste management using a micro-enterprise model, promoting self-employment opportunities for local residents, making garbage collection profitable, accessible, and self funded for poorer citizens who may not be reached by the government collection routes.

  • Self-Sustaining Recycling Program: The project creates a community recycling center and would support town workshops and the installation of additional recycling containers in other locations. The sellable recycle materials would be sold after being separated by local members. The revenue would be used to support the operations of the recycling center.
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Panel of Experts "Sustainable Cities in the Americas: Collaborating for Livable and Inclusive Cities May 3, 2011