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Summary: ESCRs and OAS indicators
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Informal session on presentation of national progress reports corresponding to the first group of rights under the Protocol of San Salvador Executive Summary | Presentation

Progress Indicators for Measuring Rights under the Protocol of San Salvador (ESCR)

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Audiovisual Audiovisual Resources and Publications of the Working Group

Laura Pautassi
IPPDH ISM Course (Video)
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Ramiro Ávila Santamaría
Challenges of the Inter-American mechanism of protection by indicators of economic, social and cultural rights (Available in Spanish)

Gender in Law: Critical Essays (Available in Spanish)  

Judicial Protection of Social Rights (Available in Spanish)

Flávia Piovesan
International treaties on Social Protection of Human Rights: Jurisprudence of the STF

Rosa María Ortiz
Approach to the cultural rights and inclusion of women

Report on Access to Economic, social and cultural rights of the Trans population in Latin America and the Caribbean (Available in Spanish)