Internship in Washington DC


  • Because the Organization of American States (OAS) is a multilateral body that will allow you to expose yourself in an active way to international reality, as well as, being the most important political forum in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Because the Internship Program is the adequate environment for learning and acquiring professional experience. In fact, clear objectives are defined between the intern and the supervisor during the first weeks of the internship, which are monitored and evaluated at the end of the session. Each intern that works for the organization generates a record which is kept in the Department of human resources of the OAS.
  • Because the organization offers a weekly orientation program that will strengthen your professional and personal skills. Also, giving you a better understanding of the work of the OAS in the hemisphere.
  • Because the program has 30 years of experience, which has enabled us to improve the experience so that it fits the needs of the interns.