All interns working at the GS/OAS must acquire medical insurance that covers them during the entire internship session and must provide proof of insurance on their first day of work.  Interns coming into the United States from another country must be sure that health insurance purchased abroad will still cover them in the U.S.  Foreign nationals are advised to purchase health insurance outside of the U.S. before coming because health insurance in the U.S. will be more costly. 

Please refer to the following information as an option for health insurance.

UNFCU Insurance Advisors.                 

Contact Information

Boris Fernandez
Insurance Advisor
Tel. 1 (202) 842-1296

The GS/OAS has a health unit located at the GSB-TL level. For minor injuries, assistance from the OAS nurse will be available; Monday through Friday, during working hours.  If serious injuries require medical attention please refer to your health insurance provider.