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Date Headline
November 25, 1998 Venezuelan artist featured at OAS exhibition
November 24, 1998 Israel on display at OAS
November 19, 1998 Rome is featured in photo exhibit at OAS Museum
November 19, 1998 Canada and Mexico call regional seminar to promote Ottawa Convention
November 19, 1998

Antigua and Barbuda signs treaty to combat violence against women

November 18, 1998 OAS Secretary General to visit Honduras
November 17, 1998 Women's Commission presses for equality across Americas
November 13, 1998 OAS General Assembly wants countries to pay their quotas
November 9, 1998 Hurricane Mitch Affects OAS Land-Mine Removal Efforts
November 4, 1998 OAS and Development Foundation to handle Central American Emergency AID
November 3, 1998 OAS to aid Central American countries hit by disaster

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