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OAS Logo                  Backpacks for Haiti's Children Initiative
The Goal
Give a Child a Backpack
Give a Child a Backpack

“Join me in helping Haiti’s children help themselves work toward a brighter future! Donate as many backpacks
(with school supplies) as you can, or make a financial contribution to the cause. Remember, education
is key to beating poverty.”

Ambassador Albert R. Ramdin  
OAS Assistant Secretary General  

The Assistant Secretary General, with the support of the OAS Credit Union and the
OAS Staff Association, invites you to participate in this initiative.

Ways to Donate Backpacks to Haiti's Children

Yes! I want to help the kids in Haiti get backpacks with school supplies!

  1. Click here to Donate backpack(s) online for $18.

  2. Purchase or collect new backpacks with school supplies.  Drop off all backpack(s) at any of the designated locations below:
    1. OAS buildings
    2. Missions to the OAS

  3. Make a Cash donation using your credit card.

  4. Make a check/cash donation to the OAS Credit Union, Account #7773, payable to the "Backpacks for Haiti’s Children Initiative."
    Pledge Form »

  5. Become a Sponsor by promoting this event.
    Backpack Sponsor Commitment Form »
    Cash Sponsor Commitment Form »
    Print official promotional material »

  6. Share the Backpacks Initiative via e-mail, on Facebook, Twitter, and with your community, networks, family, friends, and co-workers.

Organization of American States

OAS Staff Association

OAS Staff Federal Credit Union

Permanent Mission of Haiti
Permanent Mission of Haiti to the OAS

Trust for the Americas

Young Americas Business Trust

Pan American Development Foundation

University of the District of Columbia

The National Organization for the Advancement of Haitians

IDB Youth

For more information, please email or call 202-458-3277.

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Our goal is to collect and donate backpacks to the children of Haiti.
Yes! I am making a secure online donation today to provide backpacks with school supplies to Haiti's children!