International Conference on Financial Education
Date: May 7, 2008 - 9:00AM
Place: Americas Room, Main Building OAS Washington D.C

Pier Carlo Padoan Deputy Secretary-General OECD  (8'02'')

Welcoming remarks by Dan Iannicola Jr. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Financial Education, United States  (5'37'')

Session I Nacional Strategy: Creation and Implementation Chair: Andre Laboul Head of Financial Affairs Division, OECD  (7'07'')

Chirs Pond Head of Financial Capability, FSA , United Kingdom  (15'34'')

Dan Iannicola, Jr., Deputy Assistant Secretary for Financial Education, Department of Tresury, United States  (18'09'')

Paul Clitheore, Chair, Financial Literacy Foundation, Australia  (18'09'')

Diana Crossman Retirement Commissioner, New Zealand  (19'06'')

Questions and Answers of Session I.  (12'28'')

Session II Tools I: Diverse Approaches Chair: Ursula Menke, Commisioner, Financial Consumer Agency of Canada Canada  (4'14'')

Jeanne Hogarth, Manager for the Consumer Education and Research Section of the Division of Consumer and Community Affairs, Federal Reserve Board. United States  (14'57'')

Annamaria Lusardi, Professor Dartmouth Collage/Harvard Business School, United States  (18'02'')

Alison O’Connell OECD Consultant ton Methodology to evaluate financial education programs. New Zealand  (12'22'')

Questions and Answers of Session II. (9'03'')

Guest Speaker: Martin J. Gruenberg, Vice Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Chair of The Executive Council and President of the International Association of Deposit Insurers.  (28'25'')

Session III Retirement Savings: New Realities For Consumers. Chair: D. Swarup, Chairman, Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (5'52'')

Nicolas Blancher, Deputy Division Chief, Monetary and Capital Markets Department, IMF (17'40'')

Ambroglio Rinaldi, Chair of the Working Party on Private Pesions, OECD, and Director COVIP, Pension Funds Supervision Comission, Italy (20'32'')

Annika Sunden, Research Associate at the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, Chief of The Research Unit at the Swedish Social insurance Agency and OECD Consultant (17'08'')

Jeffrey Dominitz, Senior Economist, RAND, United States (16'26'')

Questions and Answers Session III.  (4'23'')

Sesion IV Risk Awareness: Enhancing Education and protection of households on large-Scale Risks. Chair: Manuel Aguilera-Verdusco, Chair of The Comisión Nacional de Seguros y Finanzas, Mexico, Chair of The OECD Insurance and private Pensions Commitee (4'29'')

Dr. Rebekah Green Risk Red, OECD Consultant (17'36'')

Dr. Erwann Michel-Kerjan, Managing Director, Wharton School Risk Center, University of Pennsylvania, Chairman of The OECD High level Advisory Board on the Financial Managment of Large-Scale Catastrophes.  (18'13'')

Katsuo Matshushita, General Manager of The International Department, General Insurance Association of Japan. (21'38'')

Semih Yucemen, Professor and Director, Earthquake Engineering Research Centre, Member of Managment Board, Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool. (19'33'')

Questions and Answers Session IV. (8'43'')

Anna Escobedo Cabral, United States Tresurer (3'49'')