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March 11, 2004 - Mexico

Early this morning, we were deeply saddened and outraged to learn about the reprehensible events in Spain.

On behalf of the people and the Government of Mexico, I express our solidarity with the victims and their families and with the people of Spain and its Government.

These are the feelings I just expressed to His Majesty King Juan Carlos in a telephone call.

We join in the unanimous condemnation of terrorism expressed by the Spanish people and Government.

My Government strongly repudiates terrorism in all its manifestations. Like all murderous acts, it has no justification. Nothing lessens the responsibility of those who threaten the lives and the rights of others.

Because of our close ties with Spain, a nation that is very dear to our hearts, we feel the losses that occurred as if they were our own.

These events are a cause of great sadness for Mexicans. We share in the mourning of Spanish families and the Spanish people as well as of the cherished Spanish community settled in our country.

Added to our solidarity is a redoubled commitment that Mexico will not be a refuge for terrorists.

I have instructed our Ambassador to Spain to inquire whether there are any Mexican citizens among the victims so that they may be provided with necessary assistance.

Events like this morning’s are intended to do harm not only to the democratic process in Spain but also to the values of all nations pursuing the same ideals.

These occurrences reaffirm the need for measures like those we have applied in this country, in particular in airports and at border crossings. These measures are preventive in nature and have been taken to ensure the safety of Mexicans.

Mexico will continue its tireless efforts to combat terrorism on all fronts and by all means afforded by international law and solidarity.

For that reason, the Mexican Government will be more active in collaborating with global institutions to combat this scourge of humankind.

At this time of sorrow, we express our deepest solidarity.

Thank you very much.