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September 4, 2002 - Washington, DC

I would like to congratulate all delegations for their approval – by consensus – of this important resolution.

We have sent a strong message to the people of Haiti and to the international community that the Organization of American States remains vitally engaged in promoting democracy, the rule of law, and the prospect of a better life in Haiti.

In the spirit of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, this resolution outlines a broad role for the OAS Special Mission in supporting free and fair elections, encouraging a secure environment in which all Haitians can participate in national and local politics, and promoting national dialogue and consensus-building between the Government of Haiti, political parties, and civil society. The resolution creates a framework
that is designed, when implemented, to enable all democratic forces in Haiti to express themselves and participate in the political process.

The resolution calls on the Government of Haiti to fully comply with past OAS resolutions and to take further steps to ensure free and fair elections, end impunity and strengthen democracy.

It tasks the OAS Special Mission with monitoring and reporting on progress made by the Government of Haiti and other parties in complying with this and other OAS resolutions on Haiti – a more robust and essential role, to be certain.

In supporting normalization of cooperation with the International Financial Institutions, the resolution acknowledges the grave social and economic problems that continue to confront the Haitian people.

This resolution is balanced and fair. It underscores the fact that the OAS does not take sides in the political conflict in Haiti but rather pursues practical means to promote consensus and stronger democratic institutions.

Rather, this resolution conveys a simple message: that the principles enshrined in the Inter-American Democratic Charter are taken very seriously at the OAS. It is our task now to provide our Special Mission to Haiti with the resources needed to meet its enhanced responsibilities. I call on all member states, observer states, and friends of Haiti everywhere to respond with support.