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The OAS-CARICOM JEOM in Haiti calls on the BCEN to take impartial decisions

  April 18, 2011

The hearings of the Haitian National Electoral Complaints and Challenges Bureau having now come to an end and the deliberations of the Commissioners and lawyers of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) having commenced, the Joint OAS-CARICOM Electoral Observation Mission (JEOM) calls on all the actors to remain composed. The anxieties of the legislative candidates in the running are highlighted at the moment by the spate of rumors and protest actions which are disturbing public order. The Mission deplores the violent protests.

The Mission reminds the CEP, in particular the Commissioners and the lawyers taking part in the deliberations of the CEP, of the importance of displaying impartiality and evenhandedness in taking decisions based on fact and the applicable law. The Mission calls on the candidates to invite their supporters to remain peaceful and not to resort to violent protests. Only the legal recourses provided by the Electoral Law of which the candidates and their lawyers availed themselves during the hearings can have a bearing on the preliminary results and on the decisions, which will be taken by the highest instance on matters pertaining to the elections.

The implementation by the Vote Tabulation Centre (CTV) and the CEP of the recommendation to post on the CEP web site the scanned originals of the results-sheets was extremely useful as it provided precise information and details that the lawyers were able to use to bolster their arguments when pleading.

The Mission reminds that it is critically important that the impartiality of the decisions of the penultimate phase of the electoral process, which is at present in the hands of the Commissioners, enhances the improvements of the second round of the elections. The integrity of the work of the BCEN will signify also a step forward in strengthening the rule of law in electoral matters and will reinforce the credibility and legitimacy of those elected and of the entire electoral process.

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Reference: E-634/11