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OAS Secretary General Expresses Recognition and Respect for Electoral Results in Haiti

  February 3, 2011

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, expressed recognition and respect for the final results of Haiti’s first electoral round, announced this morning by that country’s Provisional Electoral Council (CEP). “The CEP is, according to Haiti’s laws and Constitution, the sole agency authorized to announce the results of the presidential and parliamentary elections, and we hope the results are received by everyone in an environment of trust and tranquility.”

He added that “this puts an end to a part of the electoral process that has not been easy, due mainly to the adverse conditions in which it had to be carried out. It is important to recognize that in Haiti, despite the challenges posed by the earthquake of one year ago, a civic and democratic willfulness has been shown, one that will be projected now onto the second and final electoral round,” Secretary General Insulza added.

The OAS Secretary General said that “in accordance with the requirements of the Government of Haiti and the Electoral Council, we will continue to support the work of preparing and conducting the second round, to overcome the obstacles of the first. The Technical Report produced by the OAS at the request of President René Preval contains recommendations that point the way. The CEP is to decide, according to its powers, the conditions in which the second phase is to take place.”

“Our cooperation,” continued the head of the hemispheric Organization, “and the work of our Joint Mission of Observation with CARICOM, which we must reinforce for the second round, have been requested by the Government of Haiti and its electoral authority, and will be carried out as always with full respect for Haiti’s sovereignty and for the laws of this country, a founding member of our Organization.”

The Secretary General concluded by calling on all Haitians to “calmly receive the results announced today and to confidently participate in the election that, according to the calendar announced by the CEP, will be held on March 20.”

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Reference: E-520/11