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OAS Mission in Honduras Urges Patience in Awaiting Final Results

  November 19, 2012

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS/EOM) in Honduras for the primary elections held yesterday, Sunday, November 18, would like to highlight the civic commitment of the Honduran people who, once again, have reaffirmed their democratic convictions through the vote. Given the close results produced by the system of Preliminary Electoral Results Transmission (TREP, for its initials in Spanish) of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), the Mission calls on the leaders of the various political movements to wait patiently for the final vote count.

The EOM/OAS took note of the work of the TSE to ensure good conditions during the day. The distribution of materials was efficient and in general the voting centers had all the necessary material for voters on time. Also, the OAS Mission observed the high number of women who made up and chaired the Vote Collection Tables, showing in this way their commitment to democracy. The Mission would like to highlight the Tribunal’s decision to make the count public, a practice that helps build trust and provides greater transparency to the process.

The Mission recognizes the efforts and improvements that have been made to the TREP for these elections. However, it wishes to state that, should the current TREP system be retained, it is necessary to increase the coverage of the transmission. In this sense, the Mission recommends taking measures to this end, such as the use of other means such as fixed and satellite telephones, among other alternatives available. On the issue of the disclosure of the results of the TREP, the Mission noted that the TSE website did not work as a tool of diffusion to contribute to the environment of certainty sought by this procedure.

Looking ahead to the general election of 2013, the Mission understands that Honduran democracy demands certainty about the election results. Therefore, the EOM/OAS suggests evaluating other forms of preliminary data transmission that allow for the scanning and processing of the records of the voting tables, and do not depend on a system of voice transmission.

The OAS Mission in Honduras will continue to observe the final count, and will present its observations and recommendations on issues related to the electoral process once the candidates who will participate in the general elections next year are declared.

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Reference: E-415/12