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Colombia: Insulza Highlights Sacrifices of People and Government in Search for Peace

  September 4, 2012

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, welcomed the signing of the General Agreement for the End of the Conflict, officially announced today by the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, and said that “Colombia, its government and its people, have made great sacrifices in the last decade to strengthen its democracy, its internal unity and its international image, thus creating favorable conditions to bring to a political end a conflict that significantly alters national life.”

Insulza said he sincerely hopes “that this process is carried out in good faith and with the belief that its success can pave the way for a lasting peace.”

The head of the OAS said, "the international community should thank all the countries that have helped to create this opportunity,” and expressed confidence that “they will continue to make their contribution.” This means, he said, “embracing the realistic agenda set forth by President Santos, that covers rural development, guarantees for the exercise of political opposition and civic participation, an end to the armed conflict, combating drug trafficking, and the rights of victims.”

Finally, Insulza offered “all our support for this dialogue and for the implementation of the agreements to which it leads.”

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Reference: E-299/12