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Haitian Mission Meets with International Community in Washington Following Passage of Isaac

  August 31, 2012

Haitian diplomats posted to the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, D.C. have expressed grief over the loss of live and the destruction of homes, property and crops following the passage of Tropical Storm Isaac over Haiti.

Speaking at the Group of Friends of Haiti meeting at the OAS headquarters, the Alternate Representative of the Mission of Haiti, Ambassador Bocchit Edmond said the impact of the storm on parts of Haiti was acute.

According to Ambassador Edmond, the loss of life is painful, but the systems put in place by the government ahead of the storm, prevented further damage. Approximately 15,000 people were quickly evacuated from communities at risk prior to the passage of the storm. He also pointed to the work and coordination between Haitian authorities and Directorate of Civil Protection.

The Haitian diplomat confirmed significant damage to agricultural crops and livestock, and spoke of the potential impact on the people of Haiti. Following commitments to contribute to relief efforts, the Haitian delegate thanked the international community for its support and said, “Although the situation in Haiti following the storm is painful and a setback, we are hopeful that we can recover. The government will continue to do all in its power to protect its citizens, and I am thankful for the offers of support from the international community.”

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Reference: E-297/12