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OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Nicaragua Begins Deployment

  October 10, 2017

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (EOM/OAS) to the November 5 municipal elections in Nicaragua today began its deployment in the country with a preliminary visit of the Chief and Deputy Chief of Mission. During the week, the members of the mobile group will join them and will travel to the different departments and autonomous regions of the country.

The Chief of Mission, the Vicepresident of the Electoral Court of Uruguay Wilfredo Penco, arrived in Managua to learn firsthand the perspectives of the different actors in the electoral process and to observe the organization of the municipal elections.

The Mission will be comprised of 60 people, including regional coordinators, international observers and experts in electoral organization, electoral registry, electoral technology, campaign financing, gender, indigenous peoples, political parties and electoral justice.

The OAS has observed 14 electoral processes in Nicaragua. In 2012 it observed municipal elections with a 26-member team and in 2011 the general elections with 65 observers.

With 248 missions deployed since 1962 in 27 countries of the region, the OAS has 55 years of experience in electoral observation.

Reference: E-074/17