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OAS Supports Bolivia in Audit of Electoral Registry

  May 8, 2017

The Organization of American States (OAS) will begin this week a project to carry out a comprehensive audit of the Electoral Registry of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, in response to an invitation from the electoral body of the country within the framework of the efforts of the institution to strengthen democratic institutions and contribute to the improve electoral processes in its member states.

The Coordinator of the project, Rodrigo Morales, today highlighted during the launch in La Paz that “it is vitally important to have electoral rolls that accurately and unequivocally reflect the citizens entitled to exercise the right to vote.” The initiative will include a 10 person team, from various countries, among them international experts and officials from the Department for Electoral Cooperation and Observation (DECO) of the OAS.

The Chair of the Supreme Electoral Court of Bolivia, Katia Uriona Gamarra, said for her part that “this audit responds on one hand to the commitment to strengthen democracy and strengthen institutionality. We want a reliable and precise electoral roll. The expectation of the political system responds to this commitment, and today we begin accompanied by the technical mission of the OAS.”

The audit of the electoral registry will be comprehensive, meaning through the systematic review of a number of areas and processes, each and every one of the components that make up the electoral registry will be studied, especially the legal framework, the sources of information, and the processes of updating, reviewing and computerization. This audit will also be “two track:” through field work, which will include face-to-face interviews based on a statistically representative sample at the national level, the information contained in the electoral registry will be verified through two paths: from the registry to the person and from the person to the registry.

At the conclusion of the project, the OAS will submit a final report with short, medium and long-term recommendations to the Bolivian electoral body.

Reference: E-038/17