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Venezuela: Statement from the OAS General Secretariat

  March 13, 2019

Regarding the statement issued by the Foreign Ministry of Colombia and press reports, the OAS General Secretariat indicates its support for the statement, also expressing that we have had full access to the videos in question during and after the events of February 23 at the Colombia-Venezuela border crossing.

In this sense, we condemn the blockade of humanitarian aid by the usurping regime, we condemn the violence carried out against Venezuelan demonstrators who saw their re-entry to the country blocked and who suffered multiple aggressions that resulted in injuries of varying severity, and we as condemn again the violence carried out against the Pemón community and the murders of indigenous people. We regret the disclosure of information lacking certainty such as the one referred to in this case.

The videos referred to are also clear regarding the assumptions indicated in paragraph 3 of the Colombian Government's statement.

Likewise, the OAS carried out the verification of humanitarian aid received from various donors and that it was delivered to the interim President Juan Guaidó.

The OAS General Secretariat, in his capacity as observer of the events, reiterates what has been said regarding the actions to block the entry of humanitarian aid by the usurper regime of Maduro and the completely asymmetric use of violence by the repressive forces and paramilitary groups.

Reference: E-012/19