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Honduras Assumes the Chair of the Permanent Council

  July 1, 2020

Honduras Assumes the Chair of the Permanent Council
Photo: OAS

The Permanent Representative of Honduras, Luis Cordero, today assumed the Chair of the Permanent Council for the next three month period, in a virtual ceremony.

Ambassador Cordero announced that he will give priority to the preparations for the next OAS General Assembly, which will take place in the last quarter of 2020. “We are going to work on the preparations for the 50th General Assembly, so that it can be carried out successfully, and demonstrate that multilateralism is the best option for relations between states," said the Honduran diplomat.

Meanwhile, the outgoing Chair and Permanent Representative of Haiti, Leon Charles, indicated that during his mandate he developed an agenda with initiatives to address the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the hemisphere. "During my period as Chair, the Council has determined priorities that correspond to the interests of the countries of the region, which is clearly expressed in the theme of the General Assembly," said Ambassador Charles.

The main theme of the General Assembly will be: "Facing the challenges of COVID-19 in the Hemisphere: a collaborative approach to address vulnerabilities and build resilience in times of crisis, based on the four pillars of the OAS."

Reference: FNE-99404