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Colombia Assumes Chair of OAS Permanent Council

  April 5, 2018

Colombia Assumes Chair of OAS Permanent Council
Photo: OAS

The Permanent Representative of Colombia, Andrés González, today assumed the chair of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) – that rotates every three months – emphasizing that his term would focus on the search for consensus.

“Only on the basis of dialogue, communication and constant effort can we join efforts to make progress toward our common objectives,” said the Colombian diplomat.

For his part, the outgoing Chair of the Council, the Ambassador of Chile, Juan Aníbal Barría, highlighted the agenda promoted during his term. “We must make the principles of democracy and human rights a reality and this is shown through our statements in the Permanent Council. And during our term as Chair we were faithful and consistent to this belief,” said Ambassador Barría.

The Permanent Representative of the United States, Carlos Trujillo, will be Vice Chair of the Council.

Reference: FNE-93781