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Chile Donates Gabriela Mistral’s Legacy to the OAS

  December 14, 2011

Chile Donates Gabriela Mistral’s Legacy to the OAS
Photo: OAS

The Permanent Representative of Chile to the Organization of American States (OAS), Ambassador Dario Paya, today presented to the Hemispheric organization’s Columbus Library, on behalf of his government, the Documentary Fund of Gabriela Mistral’s Literary Legacy.

The material consists of more than 18,000 microfilmed original documents; type-written manuscripts, including poetry and prose; personal letters; editorials and consular and legal documents, among others.

The Chilean diplomat asserted that the contribution meets the wish of Gabriela Mistral "for her legacy to be preserved in the House of the Americas, freely available to the citizens of the continent," as was stipulated in the Donation Act of 2007, which was signed by the authorities of the Government of Chile and the Chilean poet’s donor and will executor, Doris Atkinson. Ambassador Paya thanked the work of the South American country’s Secretariat of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DIBAM), "whose team of researchers, librarians, experts, digitizers, and restorers made this donation possible."

The Assistant Secretary General, Albert Ramdin, also thanked the Chilean Government for “this important donation” and said that, “It is not necessary to say what Gabriel Mistral meant to this Hemisphere.” The high-ranked official called the poet “one of the luminaries of the Americas,” and asserted that “this donation will provide more insight about Gabriela Mistral and her importance for the Hemisphere.” Ambassador Ramdin expressed his pleasure that the documents are kept at the Columbus Library, “the oldest entity of the OAS.”

Reference: FNE-7861