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47th OAS General Assembly Concludes

  June 21, 2017

47th OAS General Assembly Concludes
Photo: OAS

With the approval of all the documents submitted for voting by the member states, the 47th General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), held since Monday in Cancun Mexico, concluded today.

In the closing plenary session of the meeting Joel Hernandez (Mexico), Flavia Cristina Piovesan (Brazil) and Antonia Urrejola (Chile) were elected as new members of the Inter-American Committee on Human Rights.

In the Inter-American Juridical Committeee, Hernan Salinas (Chile) was re-elected and Miguel Espeche (Argentina) y Luis García-Corrochano (Peru) were elected. For the Justice Studies Center for the Americas, Margarita de Hegedus (Uruguay), Pedro Dallari (Brazil) and George Thomson (Canada) were elected.

In the Administrative Tribunal, Michael Peay (United States) was re-elected, while in the Board of External Auditors Alan Evans (United States) was elected.

All the documents approved by the General Assembly are or will be available here.

Reference: FNE-21918