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Chair of the Permanent Council Opens Model OAS for Interns

  April 22, 2014

Chair of the Permanent Council Opens Model OAS for Interns
Photo: OAS

Ambassador Jacinth Henry-Martin, Chair of the Permanent Council and Representative of Saint Kitts and Nevis to the Organization of American States (OAS), inaugurated the 18th Model OAS Permanent Council for Interns (18th MOAS/CP), an event in which 84 young people from different countries of the Americas and around the world simulate a session of the OAS body, and that this year has as its central theme the issue of combating trafficking in persons.

In her opening remarks, Ambassador Henry-Martin said that it is very “heartening to see young people participating in this kind of exercise which seeks to develop important political negotiation skills in our young participants.” She emphasized that the OAS is the only political forum where all the countries of the Americas can come together to openly discuss current issues affecting the Hemisphere, being “the only political platform available to successfully address any issue brought by the member states to its attention.” On the theme of the event, the Chair of the Permanent Council said that trafficking in persons is a phenomenon that reflects the importance of having a multilateral and regional debate, as it is a matter of security which affects the entire world.

The event ended today with the adoption of resolutions on the establishment of measures for the prevention of sex tourism involving children and adolescents and identification and protection of victims in the Americas and on the prevention and eradication of trafficking in persons and illicit smuggling of migrants, particularly minors.

The MOAS is designed to promote democratic values and disseminate the work of the OAS among the youth of the Hemisphere through exercises simulating the OAS political bodies.

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Reference: FNE-14473