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October 2015

    Happy World Teacher’s Day!
    Teachers + SDGs = Opportunities for All

    Empowering teachers, building sustainable societies” is the World Teachers' Day slogan for 2015.


September 2015

    What does it sound like when teachers improve their practice?

    This month, ITEN will launch "Critical Thinking for Teachers", an audio series that helps teachers augment their ability to build critical thinking skills in their students.


August 2015

    Let’s Prepare Ourselves for the New School Year!

    The end of summer is around the corner. The break will be missed, but a new school year is arriving. Let’s make the coming year as exciting as summer break!


July 2015

    Virtual Educa Mexico 2015

    The ITEN team joined forces with an international array of “ITEN Champions” to celebrate the Inter-American Seminar for the Teaching Profession, a day-long demonstration of ITEN’s achievements and tools for educators.

June 2015

    Horizontal Cooperation Mission among Caribbean Countries

    From May 12-15, 2015, ITEN carried out a technical cooperation mission among representatives of the Ministries of Education of Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

May 2015

    My School in Action – El Salvador

    From April 21st to 23rd, the second workshop "My School in Action" – Mi Escuela en Acción - was held in the city of San Salvador, El Salvador.


April 2015

    OAS-ITEN-Fundación Evolución Scholarship Program on Professional Development

    ITEN is proud to announce that today begins the course “Technology, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking for the XXI Century.”


March 2015

    Would you like to participate at Virtual Educa Mexico with all travel expenses covered?

    Virtual Educa will facilitate the assistance of two ITEN teachers to participate at its 8th Annual Meeting


February 2015

    Welcome back!

    This is the first ITEN newsletter of 2015, and we are really excited to announce the many different activities we have prepared for you this year!


December 2014

    ITEN wishes you Happy Holidays!

    The holiday season is just around the corner and the ITEN team would like to thank you for all your support and invaluable participation in 2014!


November 2014

    Bring your friends to ITEN, and become the regional star of a webinar presented to all the Americas!

    For the grand finale of this year, ITEN invites you to be the presenter of its last 2014 webinar for all the Americas!


October 2014

    October 5 is the World Teachers’ Day!

    Today, ITEN would like to congratulate all of you: Teachers of the Americas! This is a very special month where we have the opportunity to remind the world of the importance of the teaching profession, and the positive impact it has in the lives of our students and communities.



September 2014

    Let's make this community
    a place for all!

    With great enthusiasm we would like to inform you that our ITEN spanish community of practice has exceeded the 18,000 members.


August 2014

    Back to School!

    August is back to school month, and sometimes motivating the pupils to study after vacations is a big challenge. How do you take advantage of their refreshed energy? Do you have any special strategies to motivate them? Share them here!


July 2014

    1st ITEN Horizontal Cooperation Mission Call for Proposals – 2014

    Call for proposals for the First ITEN Horizontal Cooperation Mission on Education, which aims to support institutional strengthening of the Ministries of Education of OAS member states by promoting knowledge sharing on policies, experiences and best practices in the field of the teaching profession and teacher professional development.


June 2014

    Virtual Educa 2014

    At the 2nd edition of Virtual Educa Caribbean in Trinidad and Tobago, ITEN held 3 workshops on the topic of Communities of Practice to Enhance 21st Century Skills. The team also held a panel on Teacher Professional Development for 21st Century Schools. This June, ITEN will be participating in the Virtual Educa 2014 - Peru edition.


May 2014

    What is the importance of the Internet and other information and communication technologies (ICT) in education?

    May 17 is the World Information Society Day. To celebrate this day, we want to invite you to share in the ITEN Virtual Community stories and/or photos about your use of the Internet and ICT for education inside the classroom.


April 2014

    Come and celebrate with us the World Book Day!

    The World Book Day is celebrated every April 23rd. Organized by UNESCO, this celebration encourages young people to discover the pleasure of reading and remind us the importance of literature in social and cultural progress.


March 2014

    Women's day 2014: Equality for Women is Progress for All

    Let's also celebrate this day! Share your stories and publications about educating girls and women in the special forum we have created at ITEN virtual community!




February 2014

    Find out all about ITEN's activities for 2014!

    ITEN begins 2014 at full speed. We have planned a lot of exciting activities to be carried out during this year. Among them there are webinars, online courses, academic investigations and much more. We will be announcing them in our newsletter.

    Stay tuned!

December 2013

    Happy Holiday Season!

    The ITEN team would like to express its appreciation for all your support and participation in our activities during this year. We have had great achievements in 2013, and all this success would not have been possible without your participation.

    We wish you a great holiday season! The ITEN Team

November 2013

    ITEN launches Co-TEP, a knowledge bank for the teaching profession

    November 17, ITEN will launch the Inter-American Collaboratory on the Teaching Profession (Co-TEP), a collaborative online bank of educational resources created to allow governments, academia, and the civil society to share policies, good practices,and experiences related to the teaching profession in the Americas.

October 2013

    October 5th: World Teachers' Day 2013

    In celebration of the World Teacher’s Day 2013, ITEN would like to express its appreciation for your invaluable contributions to our network through the exchange of pictures and videos about your school’s activities and your thoughtful comments about the teaching profession.


September 2013

    World Teachers' Day 2013 : ITEN Contribution

    October 5th is World Teachers’ Day 2013. The chosen topic for this year is "A Call for Teachers" and will highlight UNESCO's work with quality teachers to promote global citizenship and cultural diversity.


August 2013

    Upcoming Webinars:

    "Identifying Language Levels at a Glance: Classroom Assessment and Instruction Across Grade Levels" and "Building Capacity in Education Around the Globe: Conflict Resolution Strategies and Resources for Schools".


July 2013

    ITEN at the XIV International Virtual Educa Meeting, Colombia 2013

    irtual Educa Colombia 2013 took place in Medellin, which is also known as ‘the most innovative city in the world’ as awarded by Citigroup, Wall Street Journal and Urban Land Institute.


June 2013

    First Study Visit for Knowledge Exchange on the Teaching Profession

    ITEN sponsored the First Study Visit for Knowledge Exchange on the Teaching Profession, as part of its technical cooperation initiatives designed for Member States to exchange experiences and best practices on teacher policies.

May 2013

    Including ICT in Initial Teacher Preparation

    Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) integration in the preparation of future teachers is a topic that needs to be further explored in the region.

    Read a report on the incorporation of ICT in the initial teacher preparation standards of two countries: Argentina and Guyana.

April 2013

    ITEN a vibrant community

    ITEN has become a vibrant community for more than 14,000 members in the Americas, in English and Spanish.

    Are you familiar with the effects of intrafamiliar abuse and how it impacts the development of individual talent and learning ability? We invite you to see an interview with Carlos Frankie Mesías Rodríguez.

March 2013

    Learn how to participate in the ITEN community

    With the objective of having all ITEN members thoroughly understand the community rules of participation, the ITEN team has created a new tab titled: “Guidelines” this tab can be found underneath the main menu of the ITEN Community.

February 2013

    Welcome to ITEN 2013!

    Thanks very much to all the teachers and educational leaders of the Americas who are part of this community. The ITEN has been growing significantly in the past months, reaching over 10,000 educational leaders from the Americas in the English and Spanish communities combined.

November 2012

    New English Version of the ITEN Platform: Connecting Teachers in the Americas

    We are pleased to announce the launch of the new English version of the ITEN platform and to invite you to explore and participate in the community by connecting with colleagues in the Americas please click on the following link:

October 2012

    Now it's easier to connect with teachers in the Americas

    Today, like every year, on October 5th since 1994, we celebrate “World Teachers' Day”. In this way the aniversary of the adherence to the UNESCO / ILO Recommendation related to the status of teachers, adopted in 1966, is commemorated.


September 2012

    Now it's easier to connect with teachers in the Americas

    If you were a member of the first ITEN community in Spanish and would like to participate in the new virtual community, you must register again to obtain a new account, create a new user name and password.


August 2012

    The OAS is Currently Testing a New Platform for the ITEN Spanish Version

    The OAS is currently testing a new platform for the ITEN Spanish version, with the intention of creating a new platform for the English speaking community of teachers. The objective is to promote greater interaction among ITEN members.


July 2012

June 2012

    A Teacher-Librarian's (TL) experience in iEARN’s online course: Internationalizing Social Studies for the 21st Century on how to integrate global exchange projects into the classroom.

    "I am Afanaisa Gallant, a Teacher-Librarian (TL) in the O.S. Nieuw-Amsterdam elementary school in Suriname..."


May 2012

    New ITEN page on Facebook

    Follow us on our social networks Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Stay up-to-date with the most recent news on teacher education on the ITEN new Facebook page, and share it with your colleagues of the Americas.

    How many members and followers will we reach in 2012?


April 2012

    Learn about the best strategies for effective design of ICT-mediated learning environments!

    April, 27th, 2012 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm Please register here. The webinar will address different aspects that teachers need to consider when designing learning environments mediated by ICTs.


March 2012

    Seventh Inter-American Meeting of Ministers of Education: Analyzing policies and strategies to strengthen the role of professional educators.

    The "Declaration of Paramaribo" (available here) stressed the importance of teachers in all levels of the educational process.


February 2012

    Seventh Inter-American Meeting of Ministers of Education

    On March 1st and 2nd 2012, the city of Paramaribo, Suriname will host the Seventh Inter-American Meeting of Ministers of Education.

    Central theme:"Transforming the Role of the Teacher to Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century".

November 2011

    Results of Survey on lnterculturality in the Education Agenda

    Many thanks to all of those who participated in the survey on lnterculturality in the Education Agenda, carried out by the Inter-American Teacher Education Network team (ITEN).

    Access the survey results here.

October 2011

    October Webinars:

    -Title: "Education for Democratic Citizenship in the Caribbean: The Virtual Library", "Interculturality in the Education Agenda", and "The Proposed Regional and National Teaching Councils for the Caribbean Community Member States"

    -Where: Adobe Connect Virtual Platform.

September 2011


August 2011


July 2011

June 2011


May 2011


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