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The ITEN Audio Classroom: “Critical Thinking for Teachers”  

With our audio program, join two fellow teachers and learn new ideas for your classroom

Ms. Dominguez, a young teacher, sets out to help her students become great thinkers. First, though, she must convince her mentor, Ms. Brown, that forming and defending an opinion is as important as knowing the facts. Their student, Charles, has hard decisions to make, such as which summer job he should accept. Can his teachers and friends help him realize he has the tools to make the tough calls?  

As the story unfolds, learn practical strategies including the art of asking thinking questions and the use of Socratic seminar to help students lead a discussion. You will participate in the program, “Critical Thinking for Teachers,” by writing questions for your own classroom, making lesson plans, and more. At the end of this experience you will understand more clearly the value of critical thinking and have new ideas on how to promote it in and out of the classroom.

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Program number Description Length
1 Why Critical Thinking?
Charles makes a tough choice on summer jobs; Ms. Dominguez and Ms. Brown spar over teaching priorities  
Theme: What is critical thinking and why is it important?  
35 min
2 Objectives and Objections
Ms. Brown is skeptical of Ms. Dominguez’ learning objectives; Charles thinks through a poem
Themes: Writing learning objectives; levels of thinking in Bloom’s taxonomy part I
35 min
3 A Higher Order
Ms. Brown looks in as Ms. Dominguez’ students take on the interview
Themes: Levels of thinking in Bloom’s taxonomy part II; asking thinking questions; critical thinking activity: the interview
35 min
4 We recommend . . .  
The students dig into their interview data to help shape the future of a community center
Themes: Critical thinking in math; critical thinking activity: analyzing real-life data to make decisions
35 min
5 5 The Method Rules
Ms. Brown begins a science unit. Will she stick to the facts or delve into deeper thinking with her students?
Themes: Critical thinking in science; forming and testing hypotheses; critical thinking activity: experiment using the scientific method
35 min
6 Measuring Up (and Down)
Ms. Brown dusts off her old multiple choice test and then . . .  
Themes: Assessing critical thinking activities; using a rubric  
35 min
7 Thinking Things Through 
Ms. Dominguez and Ms. Brown make plans; Henry thinks he has the last laugh  
Theme: Developing a lesson plan for critical thinking  
35 min

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