Freedom of Expression

Internship Experience

“Anyone would feel inspired to continue in the struggle for human dignity” More...

Kati Daffan

ColumbiaLawSchool Student

Internship during summer 2003


“It was surprising for me to realize that the law and the international community are the only resource some people have to save their lives” More...

María Clara Valencia

Journalist and Storyteller

Internship during summer 2003


“I formed good relationships that have helped to guide me in my future plans” More...

Rachel Jensen

GeorgetownLawSchool Student

Internship during summer 2003


"Not only did the Internship provide a fantastic introduction to the field of international human rights law, and more specifically, to how the Inter-American system protects human rights, but the work itself was challenging and fascinating." More...

Susan Schneider

George Washington Law School

Internship during summer 2004


"I would highly recommend the internship experience to anyone interested in international human rights.  The experience is unlike anything you'll find anywhere else!" More...

Eric Heyner

GeorgeWashingtonLawSchool Student

Internship during fall 2004.