Freedom of Expression

Relatoría Especial para la Libertad de Expresión

Joint Declarations
  • 1999
    First Joint Declaration by the Rapporteurs for Freedom of Expression
  • 2000
    Joint Declaration about Censorship by Killing and Defamation.
  • 2001
    Joint Declaration about Countering Terror, Broadcasting and The Internet.
  • 2002
    Joint Declaration on Freedom of Expression and the Administration of Justice, Commercialisation and Freedom of Expression, and Criminal Defamation
  • 2003
    Joint Declaration On the regulation of the Media, On the Restrictions on Journalists, and On Investigating Corruption
  • 2004
    Joint Declaration on Access to Information and on Secrecy Legislation
  • 2005
    The ACHPR Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression and the IACHR Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression joint declaration.
  • 2005
    Joint Declaration on the Internet and on Anti-Terrorist Measures
  • 2006
    Joint Declaration On Publishing Confidential Information, Openness of National and International Public Bodies, Freedom of Expression and Cultural/Religious Tensions, and Impunity in Cases of Attacks Against Journalists.
  • 2007
    Joint Declaration on Diversity in Broadcasting
  • 2008
    Joint Declaration on Defamation of Religions, and Anti-Terrorism and Anti-Extremism Legislation.
  • 2009
    Joint Statement on the Media and Elections
  • 2010
    Tenth Anniversary Joint Declaration: Ten key challenges to freedom of expression in the next decade.
  • 2010-2
    Joint Statement On Wikileaks from the UN Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression and the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.
  • 2011
    Joint Declaration on Freedom of Expression and the Internet
  • 2012
    UN and IACHR Special Rapporteurs for Freedom of Expression Joint Declaration about Free Speech on the Internet
  • 2012 - 2
    Joint Declaration on Crimes against Freedom of Expression
  • 2013
    Joint Declaration on the Protection of Freedom of Expression and Diversity in the Digital Terrestrial Transition
  • 2013 - 2
    Joint Declaration on Surveillance Programs and their Impact on Freedom of Expression
  • 2013-3
    Joint Declaration on Violence Against Journalists and Media Workers in the Context of Protests
  • 2014
    Joint Declaration on Universality and the Right to Freedom of Expression
  • 2014 – 2
    International Freedom of Expression Rapporteurs Urge Stronger Protection of Journalists Covering Conflicts
  • 2015
    Joint declaration on freedom of expression and responses to conflict situations
  • 2015-2
    High Time to Pull the Plug of Televised Reprisals Against Rights Defenders in Venezuela
  • 2016 -2
    United Nations and Inter-American Commission experts on freedom of expression today expressed their concern at measures taken by the interim Federal Government in Brazil
  • 2017
    Joint Declaration on Freedom of Expression and "Fake News”, Disinformation and Propaganda
  • 2018
    Joint Declaration on media independence and diversity in the digital age