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Latin America towards the future: first UMTS call in Uruguay


The Latin American market has been keen to absorb new technologies and users have adopted new data services very quickly in the past few years. There's a complete new generation of young professionals that are being raised based on the Internet life style. Also companies are every day looking for new infra structure possibilities that will support the improvement of the LA competitiveness in the international markets. There's no doubt that the Telecommunications industry has a key role in the society development when it comes to the possibilities it creates for Latin America development.

Huawei in Latin America - 1st UMTS System Live

Huawei Technologies is committed to enriching people's life through advanced technologies such as IMT 2000 and we are investing in the region and supporting operators. Last month Huawei announced that it has successfully enabled Latin America's first UMTS call in Uruguay. The historical call, which was made through Administración Nacional de Telecomunicaciones ("ANTEL"), one of Uruguay's leading telecom operators, was based on Huawei Technologies' end-to-end R4-based UMTS network.

Huawei 3G Solution

Huawei Technologies' end-to-end R4-based UMTS solution can help operators to create and provide new, exciting real 3G services, including video phone, high-speed internet, live TV, real-time monitoring, multimedia services and in this case to Uruguay's people with a high performance infrastructure. Huawei Technologies' end-to-end UMTS is a tailor-made solution for mobile networks, providing high-quality value-added mobile services via UMTS Territory Radio Access Network ("UTRAN") of Smart Capacity & Coverage technology. UTRAN is compatible with core networks release 3GPP R99 / 3GPP R4, open interface for intelligent networks and mobile data platforms, transport and signaling solutions for mobile networks, uniform network management solutions, and operating support systems. Huawei Technologies also provided UMTS handsets and other mobile devices.

Global 3G Market

UMTS networks are reported to have been commercially deployed by over 82 operators in 37 countries serving 30.79 million subscribers globally by end July 2005 (UMTS Forum). Among them, 11 commercial networks and 50 trial networks are using Huawei Technologies' solutions and technologies. As a leading supplier in the global telecom industry, Huawei Technologies is dedicated to undertaking research and development of leading mobile technology and value-added service solutions with the aim to provide high-quality and customized solutions to customers all over the world.


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