2016 Informative Documents - Committee on Partnership for Development Policies

CIDI/CPD/INF. 18/16:  Presentation made by the Executive Secretary for Integral Development, Ambassador Dr. Neil Parsan, on the development pillar sections for the proposed four-year Strategic Plan of the Organization (September 8, 2016)

CIDI/CPD/INF. 17/16:  Presentation of the Technical Secretariat of the Inter-American Meeting of Ministers and the Inter-American Committee on Education (Department of Human Development, Education and Employment, Executive Secretariat for Integral Development)
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CIDI/CPD/INF. 16/16:  
Presentation of the Technical Secretariat of the Meeting of Ministers and High-Level Authorities of Social Development (Department of Social Inclusion, Secretariat for Access to Rights and Equity)
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CIDI/CPD/INF. 15/16:
Presentation of the Inter-American Committee on Ports Secretariat
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