2013 Informative Documents - Committee on Partnership for Development Policies

CIDI/CPD/INF. 4/13: Fifty years of OAS Scholarships (Publication issued on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Organization of American States Scholarship and Training Program in fulfillment with resolution AG/RES. 2495 (XXXIX-O/99), “Celebrating Fifty Years of Scholarship Awards: Reaffirming Support for the OAS Scholarship Program and Institutional Cooperation in Higher Education”)
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CIDI/CPD/INF. 3/13: Schedule of activities in preparation for the XVIII Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor (Adjusted on July 5, 2013)
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CIDI/CPD/INF. 2/13: Statement by the delegation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines regarding the repayment of loan from the Capital Fund for the OAS Scholarships and Training Program (CEPCIDI/RES.187 (XXVIII-E/11) and its effects to the OAS Scholarship and Training Programs (Delivered at the meeting held April 12, 2013)