Inter-American Committee on Education - CIE

Inter-American Committee on Education (CIE)

The purpose of the Inter-American Committee on Education (CIE) is to coordinate the implementation of inter-American ministerial dialogue on education in order to follow-up on the mandates of the Summits of the Americas and the agreements entered into at the Meetings of Ministers of Education, to identify multilateral initiatives, and to contribute to the execution of OAS policies in the area of partnership for educational development. 

The CIE shall be composed of representatives designated by the highest national education authorities of the member states. The CIE shall elect, at regular meetings, a Chair and two Vice Chairs for terms of two years, renewable only once. The authorities of the CIE shall work in coordination with the Executive Committee, which shall comprise five member states (principal members) and five alternate member states elected by the CIE for a two-year term, observing the principles of rotation and equitable geographical representation and ensuring that no member state is denied the opportunity of being elected a member and that all regions have the opportunity to be represented at all times.  The Department of Human Development, Education and Employment of the OAS serves as the CIE's Technical Secretariat.

For more information we invite you to consult the Rules of Procedure of CIE

CIE Authorities (2016-2018).  (Elected at the Ninth Inter-American Meeting of Ministers of Education)    

Chair:  Commonwealth of The Bahamas
Vice Chairs:  Antigua and Barbuda, Colombia  

Working Groups for the Inter-American Education Agenda (Chairs and Vice Chairs):

  • Working Group 1:  Quality, inclusive, and equitable education.  Coordinated by the Ministers of Education of Costa Rica (Chair), Colombia (First Vice Chair), and Chile (Second Vice Chair)

  • Working Group 2:  Strengthening of the teaching profession.  Coordinated by the Ministers of Education of Bolivia (Chair), Argentina (First Vice Chair) and Barbados (Second Vice Chair)  

  • Working Group 3:  Comprehensive early childhood care.  Coordinated by the Ministers of Education of The Dominican Republic (Chair), Jamaica (Vice Chair) and Honduras (Second Vice Chair)

Former CIE Authorities

Meetings of the Inter-American Committee on Education