35th MOAS for Universities of the Hemisphere - Mexico

35 MOEA Mexico 


Given the current situation countries are facing due to COVID-19 cases, the Universidad Euro Hispanoamericana and the Model OAS Office have decided to postpone the 35 MOAS for Universities until March 24-26, 2021 at Universidad Euro Hispanoamericana campus in Xalapa, Veracruz, México. This date has been considered to allow hosting the Model at the university campus. This Model will be delivered in Spanish. The purpose of the MOAS is to promote democratic values among the youth of the Hemisphere and to familiarize students with the priorities of the Inter-American agenda and the work of the OAS. Universities from Mexico, as well as from other countries of the Americas can participate in the Model.
Invitation (Spanish only)
Important information (Spanish only) (Attachment)
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Information Bulletin

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MOAS Rules of Procedure  

35 MOAS Authorities

Calendar of activities

Country Assignment  

Agenda of Topics

Reading material: This material is intended to help students in their preparation on the topics of the Committees

Code of Conduct


Delegations must register electronically with the MOAS Program and pay a $900 USD registration fee (This fee is non-refundable).
Mexican universities (host country) must pay $450 USD registration fee.

Instructions to register online:

1.   Create a username using the following link: https://www.oas.org/forms/UserReg.aspx?&tate=Register   Fill out only the fields marked with an *

2.   Login as a user to the Registration Form and complete the information using the following link: 

The professor interested in participating must identify 8 students and obtain a letter from the Dean or other authority from the University confirming the delegation’s participation and the professor in charge of the delegation. The letter must be uploaded to the form when the registration is done online or it can be email to [email protected].

The names of delegates, participating teachers, and the Code of Conduct must be submitted by March 5th, 2021.  

Registration fees payment

International delegations (non- Mexican): US$900. Payment must be made by check or bank transfer. Bank transfer information.
Registration fees can also be paid through OAS National Offices.  See instructions to pay through OAS National Offices

Mexican Delegations: US$450. The host University will handle the registration fees paid by Mexican universities.

The registration deadline is February 26, 2021.


Each delegation will consist of 8 students. During the MOAS, students will be distributed into 4 committee (2 students per delegation per commission):
General Committee
Committee on Juridical and Political Affairs
Hemispheric Security
Inter-American Council for Integral Development (CIDI) 


The MOAS Program Coordinator will assign the countries to the delegations once the registration fee is received. Ver cuadro.



The host University has successfully processed special rates with the following hotels:
1- Fiesta Inn **
2- City Express **
3- One **
4- Hotel HB
5- Villa Margaritas
6- Hotel SC
7- Hotel Clara Luna Please visit item 6 of the Information Bulletin for more details (page 8).

** The Euro Hispanoamericana University will offer transportation from the hotels (City Express, One, Fiesta Inn) to the 35 MOAS venue.

For transportation options for transfer from the airport to the hotel where the delegations will be staying, please visit item 5 of the Information Bulletin (page 5).



It is recommended to follow this Quick MOAS Guide that includes the steps for participation in the Model.

Delegates should follow the 6 steps of the Preparation Guide. See Guide.

Also, in order to participate in the Model, it is critical for students and teachers to understand and follow the MOAS Rules of Procedure.

In addition, delegates must be familiar with the topics of the Agenda assigned to each committee.

During the Model, delegates will be assigned into Working Groups where they will present their ideas and discuss their proposals (resolutions).

Draft resolutions will be discussed by all delegates in the Committees. They will be subject to approval, disapproval or amendments by other delegates. Guidelines for the Resolution debate.


Announcement |Relevant Information 
MOAS Rules of Procedure  
35 MOAS Authorities
Information Bulletin (English)
Calendar of activities
Agenda of Topics
Reading material: They are intended for the students in their preparation on the topics of the Committees
OAS Experts
Code of Conduct
Country Assignment  



In an effort to expand university participation in the 35th MOEA Mexico 2020, the Model OAS encourages donors to sponsor a delegation of students to join the 35th MOEA. The cost to sponsor a delegation is $900USD and it covers registration fees for 8 student delegates. Additional expenses incurred by participants are airfare, transportation, and food could be also financed by the donor. Sponsors will be mentioned at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Model and their logos will be included on the 35 MOAS program, as well as on the MOAS website.