MOAS General Secretariat

To support the work of the committees and of the plenary sessions each MOAS exercise must include a support unit called MOAS General Secretariat.  This unit carries out an essential function and is formed by volunteer students, who work prior and during the MOAS, by processing all the documentation needed for the first day of the Model and the resolutions and other documents that originate in the committee during the MOAS.  The team working as the MOAS General Secretariat must know all basic MOAS documents thoroughly, especially the rules of procedure, the code of conduct, the agenda of topics, the schedule of activities, the instructions for drafting resolutions, and the functions and responsibilities of all the positions conforming this unit. 

The following positions should be carefully filled, as they are critical to the success of the MOAS:

5 Secretaries of the Committees
1 Principal Assistant
5 Editorial Assistants (1 for each committee)
5 or 10 Clerks (minimum 1 per committee - Ideally 2 per committee)