CIM Meetings

The Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM) was created as a hemispheric policy forum for women’s rights and gender equality.  Since its establishment in 1928, CIM has brought together women from throughout the region in order to identify and debate issues of particular concern, beginning with universal suffrage and other civil and political rights, across the full spectrum of rights to include issues such as violence against women, sexual and reproductive health, economic security and political leadership.

CIM Assembly of Delegates
The CIM Assembly of Delegates is held every two years and brings together the CIM Delegates from each of the OAS Member States in order to examine issues of hemispheric concern and propose and debate policy and programmatic solutions. CIM Delegates are usually the highest responsible authority (minister, secretary or equivalent) for gender and women’s issues within the government of their respective countries.
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CIM Executive Committee
The CIM Executive Committee is a smaller body made up of eight OAS member states, which are elected during the CIM Assembly of Delegates for a two-year period.  The Committee meets more regularly in order to address issues of immediate concern and review the progress made by the Permanent Secretariat, the Secretary-General and the General Assembly in fulfillment of the Commission’s mandates. 
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Meeting of Ministers
Every four years, CIM is responsible for organizing the Meeting of Ministers or of the Highest-Ranking Authorities responsible for the Advancement of Women in the Member States (REMIM).  This meeting brings together the Ministers of Women (or their equivalent) from each of the OAS member states in order to discuss key issues of concern to women of the Americas and to prepare recommendations for other ministerial and high-level meetings, including the Summit of the Americas.
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