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SSM - Departamento de Seguridad Pública
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OEA-Departamento de Seguridad Publica

Humanitarian Demining

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OEA- Departamento de Seguridad Publica- Desminado Humanitario


For the Year 2010

A Mine-Free Central America: How Can We Improve on Success?
Issues by Carl E. Case.
Issue 14.2, Summer 2010

Micro-Projects Help Recovery.
Issues by Carlos J. Orozco
Issue 14.2, Summer 2010

For the Year 2009

Comprehensive Action Against Anti-personnel Mines: A regional Initiative to Address Landmine Issues by Carl E. Case.
Issue 13.1, Summer 2009

2008: A Year of Advanced and Accomplishments by Johanna García and Erika Estrada Chau.
Issue 13.1, Summer 2009

Comprehensive Medical Assistance for Landmine Survivors in Nicaragua by Cecilia Bustamente.
Issue 13.1, Summer 2009

Impact Study on the effects of Demining in Nicaragua by Carlos Orozco.
Issue 13.1, Summer 2009

OAS-AICMA and Mine-Risk Education in Nicaragua by José Ramón Zepeda
Issue 13.1, Summer 2009

MRE and Community Leader Involvement in Risk-prone Colombia by Lina María Arias Rojas and Ginna Lozano Jiménez
Issue 13.1, Summer 2009

Mine Risk Education in Ecuador: A Person-to-person Approach by Nelson Romeo Castillo Lansazuri.
Issue 13.1, Summer 2009

For the Year 2008

AICMA-OAS: Enhancing Aid To Landmine Survivors
Issue 12.1, Summer 2008

For the Year 2007

The Mine Injury and Trauma Seminar by Adam Kushner MD, MPH (Médecins du Monde).
Issue 11.1, Summer 2007

For the Year 2006

Suriname Demining Mission
Issue 9.2, February 2006

The Landmine Victim Assistance Component Implemented by the OAS in Nicaragua
Issue 9.1, August 2006

For the Year 2005

Over a Decade of OAS Mine Action
Issue 9.1, August 2005

The Benefits of a Regional Approach to Mine Action
Issue 9.1, August 2005

For the Year 2004

Humanitarian Demining Within the American Continent: A Silent and Successful Reality
Issue 8.1, June 2004

From Desperation to Self-Confidence: An Interview With Landmine Survivor Mr. Francisco Peralta
Issue 8.2, November 2004

Beyond Mine Removal
Issue 8.2, November 2004

An Interview With Mine Awareness Expert Mr. Porfirio Gomez
Issue 8.2, November 2004

The Landmine Victim Assistances Component Implemented by the OAS in Nicaragua
Issue 8.2, November 2004

From Minefields to Orange Groves
Issue 8.2, November 2004

MARMINCA's Experience: Coordinating Humanitarian Demining
Issue 8.1, November 2004

Working Towards a Mine-Free Hemisphere
Issue 8.2, November 2004

Comprehensive Action Against Landmines in Ecuador
Issue 8.2, November 2004

The Process of Demining and Destroying UXO in Guatemala
Issue 8.2, November 2004

For the Year 2003

Costa Rica: The First Country in Latin America Free of Anti-Personnel Landmines
Issue 7.1, April 2003

The OAS and Landmine Victims in Nicaragua
Issue 7.3, December 2003

The Americas: Regional Mine Action Seminar in Peru
Issue 7.3, December 2003

For the Year 2002

Issue 6.1, April 2002

The Latin America Conference:
Sharing Ideas to Improve Mine Action
Issue 6.1, April 2002

For the Year 2001

Demining in Suriname
Issue 5.2, August 2001

Organization of American States Mine Action Program
Issue: 5.2, August 2001

Helping Guatemala: Organization of American States, Unit for the Promotion of Democracy, Mine Action Program in Central America (AIMCA)
Issue: 5.2, August 2001

Mine Detection Dogs in Central America: An Optimum Technology?
Issue: 5.2, August 2001

AICMA:  Helping Central America
Issue: 5.2, August 2001

Victim Assistance in Central America: A Regional Effort
Issue: 5.2, August 2001

Interview with the Nicaraguan Minister of Defense, Dr. José Adán Guerra Pastora
Issue: 5.2, August 2001

Field Trip with MARMINCA
Issue: 5.2, August 2001

These Firemen are Deminers
Issue: 5.2, August 2001

For the Year 2000

Hurricane Mitch Jet Stream
Issue 4.3

Empowering the People Through Mine Awareness in Latin America

Issue 4.3 America/Latin_America.htm

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