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Links to Statistical Information on Crime and Violence at the International Level

List of organizations that provide statistical information on public security at the international level, including bodies and agencies of the United Nations. 



  Other sources of statistical information:

Inter-American System
Governmental Bodies
Ministries of Public Security
Non-Governmental Organizations
See All
  • European Commission Statistics Database (Eurostat) Statistical Office of the European Union. Disponible en inglés
    It gathers statistical information in all areas, including crime, police forces and prison population in the European countries.  It also publishes information on the United States and Canada.

    INTERPOL is the biggest international police organization with 187 Member States.  It supports and assists all organizations, authorities and services in charge of preventing and combatting transnational crime. 
  • OECD International Road Traffic and Accident Database (IRTAD)
    Statistics on transit accidents and highway risks of the OECD Member States.  Gráficas sobre muertes causadas por accidentes de tránsito, por cada 100 mil habitantes, desde 1970. 

  • OECD Society at a Glance: OECD Social Indicators  
    Statistical information and social indicators for the OECD Member States, including the United States and Canada (2001-2006)
  • OECD Portal de Datos Estadísticos (Statistics Portal)
    It allows to search and obtain information from approximately 300 databases of the OECD.  The access is however restricted.  Governmental officials and journalists have a free access with a password. 
  • UN Statistics Division
    Gathers and disseminates global statistical information, develops global standards and norms for statistical activities and supports the efforts of countries to consolidate their national statistical systems. 
  • UN World Population Prospects Disponible en inglés
    Presents demographic estimates and projections undertaken by the Population Division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat. The world population prospects are used widely throughout the United Nations and by many international organizations, research centers, academic researchers and the media.
  • UN Instituto Interregional para Investigaciones sobre la Delicuencia y la Justicia (UNICRI) Disponible en inglés
    Focuses on the following areas of work: organized crime and trafficking in persons; terrorism; justice reform; professional training.  It works on the recopilation of data and the exchange of information, and has a center of international documentation, prepares the information for comparative analysis and helps for the establishment of national databases on criminal justice. 
  • UN United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (ONUDC)
    The UNODC is a global leader for the fight against the transnacional illicit trafficking in drugs and international crime.  Its central offices are located in Viena, Austria and has 21 offices in a series of countries. 
  • UN WHO World Report on Health and Violence 2002.
    First exhaustive study on violence as a health problem at the international level.  This includes statistical information on youth violence, intra-familiar violence, sexual violence, homicides and suicides, amongst others.  It was prepared by the World Health Organization (WHO). 
  • UN UNODC UN Surveys on Crime Trends and the Operation of Criminal Justice Systems (CTS)
    The surveys gather data on crime incidence as a means to improve the analysis and the diffusion of this information.  The results seek to facilitate the decision-making process, at the national and international level. 
    Results of the
    10th CTS (2005 -2006) | 9th. CTS (2003 - 2004) | 8th. CTS (2001 - 2002) | 7th. CTS (1998 - 2000) | 6th. CTS (1995 - 1997) | 5th. CTS (1990 - 1994) | 4th. CTS (1986 - 1990); 2nd. y 3rd. CTS (1975 - 1986) | 1st. y 2nd. CTS (1970 - 1980).
  • UN UNDP Human Development Reports
    In addition to the Human Development Infex (HDI), the reports published by the UNDP present statistical data and analyses, including statistical information on poverty, education, health, crime and justice. 
  • UN UNHCR Refworld
    It gathers a large number of reports, documents and news on public security as well as documents related to the national and international legislative frameworks.  This website has been created by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). 
  • UN UNICEF Juvenile Justice (PDF file)
    This summary is centered on the situation of children and adolescents involved in the judicial system.  It also makes reference to the prevention of crime and to social reintegration. 
  • UN UNICRI  International Victimization Surveys of the United Nations
    This includes statistical data on industrialized countries and emerging countries.  For industrialized countries, the examination has been done at the national level.  For the emerging countries, the available information relates principally to the capital cities.  
  • UN UNICRI Victims of Crime in the Developing World (PDF file)
    This text was published in 1998 by the Inter-Regional Institute for Investigations on Crime and Justice of the United Nations (UNICRI), with information obtained from the Victimization Surveys. 
  • UN UNICRI-ONUDC Victimization from an international perspective (Spanish only)
    This report presents the most important results of the International Survey on Crime and Victimization 2004-2005, led by the UNICRI and UNODC. 


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