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OAS Webcast | Statement by H.E. Jose Miguel Insulza, Secretary General OEA / Departamento de Seguridad Pública / Observatorio Interamericano de Seguridad


The Department of Public Security (DPS) is part of the OAS Secretariat for Multidimensional Security and was created with the purpose of designing and implementing programs that support, within the framework of human rights, the efforts of the OAS Member States to address threats to public security.

The DPS works with Member States to develop mechanisms to evaluate and strengthen their institutional capacity to deal with security threats. These efforts focus on the following areas: the strengthening of security legislation, the improvement of law enforcement coordination and practices, the prevention of crime and violence, victim assistance and the social reintegration of convicted criminals.

Function of the Department
  1. Designs and implements comprehensive strategies aimed at supporting the efforts of member states to assess, prevent, confront, and respond to threats to public security, in a manner that is coordinated with the other dependencies of the Secretariat for Multidimensional Security

  2. Develops evaluation, promotion, and management mechanisms aimed at strengthening the institutional capacity of member states to design and implement public policies that enable them to address the public security needs of the population.

  3. Participates, in its own or a delegated capacity, in the political bodies of the Organization and, through said participation, presents proposals, provides follow-up, and delivers progress reports in connection with the mandates for whose implementation the Department is responsible.

  4. Serves, as the case may be, as the technical secretariat for working groups or advisory committees determined by international instruments or the mandates contained in General Assembly or Permanent Council resolutions or declarations.

  5. Advises the Secretary General and the Assistant Secretary General, through the secretary for multidimensional security, on matters within the Department’s sphere of competence, and represents them when they so request.

  6. Establishes and maintains cooperative relations with the dependencies of the OAS General Secretariat and with governmental or nongovernmental, national and international institutions in areas related to its sphere of competence, in coordination with the secretary for multidimensional security and the Secretariat for External Relations.

  7. Formulates and promotes cooperation projects designed to strengthen the institutional capacity of member states with regard to public security, takes steps to ensure that those institutions are viable, by either raising financial resources or providing technical assistance, in coordination with the secretary for multidimensional security and the Secretariat for External Relations.
  8. Reports to the secretary for multidimensional security on the planning, follow-up, internal communication, oversight, and evaluation of the programs, projects, and activities that it is responsible for implementing and on the administration of its assigned resources and staff, and it develops and implements the internal procedures required to that end

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