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Current Projects
Promoting Firearms Marking in Latin America and the Caribbean

The marking of firearms--a process that permanently marks the weapon with identifiable information such as serial number, name and place manufacturer or importer, model and calibre—is an important step in combating the illicit trafficking in firearms because firearms become more easily traceable and can more effectively be linked to crimes in which they were used, thus increasing law enforcement and prosecutorial capabilities. By increasing tracing abilities, states will more effectively be able to identify trafficking routes and arms traffickers and ideally prosecute them.

This program seeks to strengthen national capacities to mark firearms imported, exported or confiscated, in accordance with the CIFTA legal requirements. This project will undertake a comprehensive study to identify the needs of the states with regards to marking; it will provide one marking machine and related training to 30 beneficiary countries throughout the Hemisphere; and it will carry out a regional workshop on marking practices and stockpile management. The Department of Public Security is the executing agency.

Armed Violence Prevention

The objective of this project is to prevent and combat armed violence in the region, through the development of institutional capacity, specifically the creation of regulatory frameworks that establish criminal offenses and facilitate the effective application of CIFTA.

This initiative will include a diagnostic study evaluating the implementation of CIFTA; a regional round table discussion on the definition and categorization of illicit trafficking in firearms and the prevention of armed violence; in conjunction with national authorities, the identification of opportunities to update national legislation and develop institutional capacities necessary for the implementation of CIFTA. It also includes the preparation of proposals for legislative updates for countries who request this; and the presentation and promotion of these proposals for legislative updates and the development of institutional capacity for the implementation of CIFTA. The Department of Public Security will be the executive agency.

This program will be implemented in the following countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Stockpile Management and Destruction in Central America

With the support of the US Department of State, this program was developed under the Mérida Initiative to strengthen national capacities to prevent and eliminate illicit firearms trafficking and to ensure the safety and security of legally-held stocks. Specifically, the program will provide training to national authorities through a sub-regional seminar in best practices and proper stockpile management techniques, and a specialized seminar to enhance technical capabilities on munitions’ destruction; the modernization of 1-2 selected arsenals in one of the beneficiary countries; and the destruction of approximately 900 tons of excess, obsolete and expired munitions from Guatemalan Army stockpiles, and 2000 tons of obsolete munitions stored in Nicaraguan military installations. It will also provide legal assistance to each of the Central American counties to ensure that national laws and legislation are in compliance with the provisions of CIFTA and other international agreements on firearms trafficking. The Department of Public Security (DPS) is the executing agency.

This program will be executed in the following countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama

Last update: March 23, 2010

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